Hellomon is a social service website that spreads the uniqueness of Daegu to the world through SNS.

Hellomon’s objective is to improve our city’s image in international communities and to make favorable relationships with foreign countries through close SNS with natives, foreign travelers and students.

Hellomon is dedicated to the development of local business and community along with the advancement of culture and art.

Mission & Operating Team

As a representative English website based in provinces, we provide local news and entertainment for the international community.

Hellomon is global online service of local information.

Vision – Open SNS to the World

1. Provide useful local information to foreign travelers. promotes global mindness.

2. Provide culture, tourism and business information.

3. Helps citizens understand different cultures. Facilitaties communication between local and foreign residents.

4. Promotes useful events in the region.

Hellomon’s logo symbolizing the word,“hello monster.

Visualizing the welcome imagine of “hello monster,”

it identifies a local information website which would promote Daegu to the world in a future, it emphasizes the dynamism and amusement.



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