2015 July Daegu Festivals and Events

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2015 July Daegu Festivals and Events


Rainy season is over and Daefrica is coming! Daefrica is a nickname of Daegu in summer due to its especially hot weather in Korea. To cleverly spend your time in Daegu during really hot summer, the followings festivals and events will be good options for you.


2015 FIVB ENGINE DOCTOR Q Women’s Beach Volleyball Exhibition

* Source : Korea beach volleyball federation official website (http://www.kbeach.or.kr/) 

This competition which is also for warm-up match for the 31th Olympic at Rio de Janeiro, Brasil should be more exciting.

  • Period: 2015. July 24th(Fri) ~ 26th(Sun), 3 days
  • Location: Duryu-park Baseball stadium
  • Participating nations: 7 teams from 6 representative nations of Europe, the USA and Asia

Daegu Hot Festival

  • Period: 2015. July 17th(Fri) ~ 26th(Sun), 10 days
  • Location: Duryu-park Basevall stadium, Kolon Field Concert Hall, and Daegu Arts Center
  • Official Web Page: http://www.dhf.or.kr/

You should check 5 festivals in Daegu Hot Festival.
Would you want information in English? Here it is : 2015 Daegu hot festival


2015 Daegu Chicken & Beer festival

  • Period: 2015. July 22nd(Wed)~26th(Sun), 5 days
  • Location: Duryu-park, Pyeonghwa market alley, E-world, Franchise district at Seobu market
  • Admission: Free
  • Official Web Page: http://www.chimacfestival.com/
  • Main Events
    • King of the singer in a mask/ Chicken& Beer Comic costume play
    • Hudadak Chicken& Beer one-legged fight
    • 2015 FIVB ENGINE DOCTOR Q Women’s Beach Volleyball Exhibition
    • Opening concert, Rock festival, Hiphop Night
    • The craft beer contest, the bear cocktail contest, New menu contest etc


2015 Daegu Folk Festival

  • Date: 2015. July 17th(Fri)~19th(Sun), 3days
  • Location: Kolon Field Concert Hall / Kim kwang Seok Alley
  • Admission: Free
  • Official Web Page: http://www.dgff.kr
  • Schedule

    • 7.17(Fri) Together with Folk!

Lee seung hwan, Jangmi Yeogwan, Yojo, Lee han cheol, Lee sang eun, Human Race, Kim myeong sang, Kim jong lak, El Mariachi, Darak, Africa


    • 7.18(Sat) With Kim kwang seok!

Park hak ki, Dongmulwon, Han dong jun, Jang pil soon, Yeoheng Sketch, Yuri Sangja, Jajeongeo tan punggyeong, Hong dae gwang, Che hwan, Kim dong sik


    • 7.19(Sun) Memories with Folk!

Song chang sik, Han chun ho, Shin hyung won, Haebaragi, Chu ga yeol, Sin jae hyung, Woo soon sil, Kang in won, Hong si eun, Merry go round, Radio


The 12th Daegu International Horror Theatre Festival

  • Date: 2015. July 17th(Fri)~26th(Sun), 10 days
  • Location: Daegu Art Center and Daemyung Culture Street little theater
  • Official Web Page: http://www.daegutheater.co.kr/

* Source : Daegu Hot Festival official website (http://www.dhf.or.kr/) 


2015 Living Art Festival

  • Date: 2015. July 24th(Fri)~26th(Sun), 3days
  • Location: Kolon Field Concert Hall



Daegu Wind Music Festival

  • Date: 2015. July 20th(Mon)~21st(Tue), 2 days
  • Location: Kolon Field Concert Hall
  • Main performance:
    • Daegu Wind Music Ensemble, Top percussion Ensemble, Daegu Symphonic Band, etc.



Super Concert, Enjoy Saturday! Daegu

  • Date: 2015. July 18th(Sat)
  • Location: Daegu Stadium
  • Targets: Over 7 years old
  • Admission: VIP 132,000 won / SR 110,000 won / R 99,000 won / S 88,000 won / A 66,000 won
  • Contact: 1566-5490


K-will little theater concert in Daegu

  • Date: 2015. July 18th(Sat)~19th(Sun)
  • Location: Daegu Suseong Artpia Youngji-hall
  • Targets: Over 7 years old
  • Admission: R 88,000 won / S 77,000 won
  • Contact: 1599-2005

Location of Suseong Artpia


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