Kitchen Story / best fusion restaurant in Dalseo gu

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According to the online restaurant reviewers in Daegu, Kitchen Story has been well known for its fusion cuisine. 

Since it has a cozy atmosphere and serves great food, Kitchen Story has many regular customers, and the number of them is  rapidly increasing. 

Chicken Garlic Herb Steak Cheese Gratin 

* Lily Tofu Spaghetti 

Two items newly have added to their menu; Chicken Garlic Herb Steak Cheese Gratin and Lily Tofu Spaghetti. 

* set menu for couples and a group of people

*Prime Pork Steak 

You can also enjoy the set menus and its the most popular menu item; Prime Pork Steak at a reasonable price.


Address: 798-5 Songhyeon-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu (360 Wolbae-ro)

Tel: 290-7090


Address: 801-5 Sangin-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu

Tel: 295-2790


There are two branches, both are near Wolchon station.

One is by the roadside between Wolchon station and Songhyeon station, and the other is located in a quiet residential area near Wolchon station.


Cutlet 9,800~12,800w

Steak 11,000~32,000w

Salad 3,500~12,000w

Pasta 8,900~10,800w (Double pasta 17,000w)

Pizza 7,800~12,000w

Risotto/Rice/Gratin 8,500~10,500

Drinks 1,500~6,000




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