Pyeonghwa Market Chicken Alley

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Pyeonghwa Market Chicken Alley started with only four chicken restaurants in 1983 and since then the number of chicken restaurants has reached to 33. The restaurants sell One of the Daegu’s famous foods, Dakddongjib (sauteed chicken gizzards). They are usually served in three different ways, Fried Dakddongjib, Dakddongjib seasoned with sweet sauce and Dakddongjib seasoned with sweet and salty soy sauce. This street is always crowded because of Dakddongjib’s irresistible charms. 

● Address:  6-5 Ayang-ro 9-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

● Subway:  10 – 15mins walk from Dongdaegu Subway Station

● Bus:   156, 401, 414-1, 521, 618, 708, 808, 937, 980, Donggu3, Palgong1, Rapid1, Circle2-1 stops at Pyeonghwa Market

618, 708, 808, 937, 980, Donggu3, Rapid1 stops at on the opposite side of Pyeonghwa Market

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