Galbijjim, (braised short ribs)

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Galbijjim is typically served on special meeting for important guests in korea. In contrast to the braising method typical of Western cooking, Koreans do not sear the ribs before braising them. The ribs are first parboiled in water with aromatic vegetables and then braised in a sweet and savory braising liquid

As a traditional method of cooking, chestnuts, dates, pine nuts and gingko nuts are customary garnishes that make this dish look very elegant, but the ribs will still be delicious without them. These succulent ribs, in a rich sauce, will be perfect for any of your special times.

Spicy Steamed Ribs

Since 1970, this has been a dish unique to Daegu with ribs cooked in a worn out aluminum pot along with spicy powdered pepper and chopped garlic. This dish is completely different from the steamed short ribs seasoned with soy sauce that is servedin other areas. Its special feature is the tongue-tingling, burning taste it offers when enjoyed with soju (hard Korean alcohol) or rice mixed with leftover spices. Unlike steamed ribs from the Seoul and Gyeonggido areas, its spicy-sweet taste that can set your tongue ablaze is unparalleled. It first appeared on a residential street in Dongin-dong, Jung-gu in the early 70s, which has blossomed into a village of local food establishments.

Dongin-dong Steamed

Galbi Street – Dongin-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu

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