Anjirang Yangnyeom Gopchang Alley

조회수 101

The Anjirang Market, formed in the middle of the road leading from the Anjirang five ways crossing to Anjirang-gol, is a pig offal BBQ town. There are about 40 restaurants on each side of a 500m long alley and the restaurants scenery itself is worth to see. It is a rest area for ordinary people thanks to its affordable costs, and recently it is developing into a youthful sector led by our young population. Reparation and modification of signs, installation of hand washing facilities, and expansions and improvements to the eateries were made to vitalize the district in 2007. 

● Address: 23-1 Daemyeong-ro 36-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu, South Korea

● Subway: Take exit3 at Anjirang Station, Line1

● Bus Bus: 106, 410, 518, 564, 604, 649, 651, 805 stops at Anjirang Intersection 2

106, 410-1, 518, 564, 604, 649, 651, 805 Dalseo4 at Anjirang Intersection 1

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