Hot Tteokbokki

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Daegu’s tteokbokki is very different from ordinary tteokbokki. Unlike other tteokbokki, there are hot sauces all over the tteokbokki, excluding the flour tteok and some cabbage. Daegu’s hot tteokbokki originated in 1976 when an old woman named Yoon Ok-Yeon started to sell it at Shincheon’s marketplace. The tteokbokki was so hot that people couldn’t help but become her regular customer for life. It was called the addictive tteokbokki. The smell of various spices, including red pepper powder, curry, ground pepper, etc., not only provokes your stomach, but also makes you feel dizzy. Unlike other tteokbokki, the sauce doesn’t have any green onion and there are only some flour tteok in the red sauce. In addition, it is eaten with fried dumplings and fish cakes with glass noodles, which you have together with the sauce. For the Daegu people who look for spicy food to help them deal with the summer heat, this hot tteokbokki is very popular. The media promoted the dish several times with the theme that hot tteokbokki is good for the health and diet, and now, hot tteokbokki is popular all across the nation, not only Daegu.

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