[10 Tastes of Daegu] Pressed Noodle

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Refreshing anchovy soup With warmth and rich flavor

Daegu has the highest consumption of flour and noodles in Korea. Among the rich culture of noodles in this city, the Pressed Noodle best fits the tastes of the citizens. No other regions in Korea uses anchovies for making soups for noodles, and the pressed noodle is quite different from other noodles, such as Andong Gujin Noodle. The bean powder is put on the dough and then the dough is pressed flat before it is cut into noodle shapes by a knife. The name ‘Pressed Noodle’ is kind of a nickname of the noodle of which the official name is “Kyungsangdo Kalguksu”, or “knife noodle”. No bones or other sea food material then anchovy are used to make the soup. Many diners behind Milliore shopping center used to be famous for this dish, leaving this famous phrase, “One fix and a bottle.”

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