‘Radienteering’ with Confucian Culture


World Foundation for Confucian Culture runs novel programs such as ‘Radienteering’/’Voluntour’/’Concert at Old House’ 

In Gyeongbuk Region, Confucianism Cultural Area, ‘Radienteering’ is popular as the best walking program 

[Online News team] Walking fever is getting higher. Walking is beloved by people of all ages and both sexes because it is easy to do and do not require any special technique or superior basis physical strength. Also not only basic exercise effects to grow muscular strength, prevent obesity are expectable but also this simple exercise can promote the circulation of the blood and improve adult diseases such as a heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes.


In this sense, healing walk is popular with people who want to have exercise effect and stress solution by enjoying them. Especially ‘Radienteering’ has been the focus of a new leisure with fun and entertainment. ‘Radienteering’ is compound of radio and orienteering. This program is finding a destination not by using maps and a compass but by listening a radio broadcast to carry out a mission and solve quizzes.

Nine cities/guns in Gyeongbuk and World Foundation for Confucian Culture host and organize ‘Radienteering’. Every March to December, on trails and tracking courses dotted in nine cities/guns in Gyeongbuk including Mungyeong-city, Bonghwa-gun and Sangju-city, ‘Radienteering’ is held. This program is good opportunity of having a confucian culture experience in beautiful nature.


This year was the 5th ‘Radienteering’ program with theme of ‘Walk on the road, ramble in nature’ and held at ‘Hoban Nadeuri-gil in Andong’‘Gounsa(Temple) Foreat road in a thousand years’‘Gomosansung-gil in Mungyeong’‘Hoeryongpo in Yecheon’‘Old Jungnyeong Road in Yeongju’‘Jasan Fortress Road in Sangju’, ‘Jusil Culture Road in Youngyang’‘Naeseongcheon-gil in Bonghwa’‘Dalgi Waterfall Road in Cheongsong’ and some other places. During this program period, Andong MBC made live radio broadcast to deliver each Road’s history, culture and nature story. They held various events in this live-broadcast to add more fun.

‘Gomosansung-gil in Mungyeong’

‘Naeseongcheon-gil in Bonghwa’

‘Old Jungnyeong Road in Yeongju’ 

‘Hoeryongpo in Yecheon’ 

‘Gounsa(Temple) Foreat road in a thousand years’ 

A person from World Foundation for Confucian Culture said “Radienteering was over our expectation by drawing many family visitors, couples, friends and colleagues and they were enjoying altogether. This was huge success this time. We will come back in in next year, 2015, with upgraded program.”


Meanwhile, World Foundation for Confucian Culture holds ‘Voluntour’ also. ‘voluntour’ takes center stage of neo healing tour in people who love volunteering and tour. They can have these two at the same time. ‘Concert in Old House’ offers various theme culture concerts in the beautiful old house.


For the more detail information regarding these programs, activities, and volunteering are provided in World Foundation for Confucian Culture web site (www.worldcf.co.kr).

‘Gounsa(Temple) Foreat road in a thousand years’

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